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Why won't they just let me go?

We're finally getting divorced, why can't they just let me go???

How do I deal with mutual friends after I leave a toxic relationship?

Can I stay friends with our mutual friends or do I have to end those relationships too?

Will they ever change if I stay?

 I have been with my husband for several years and they have been very up and down years. My question is: 'Is there a possibility that he will change? Or do I need to just accept his faults as he should mine and we should just work on ourselves?

How can I learn how to make decisions now??

How can I learn to make decisions this late in my life? I know it’s related to never given any choice.

I'm scared of upsetting people when they overstep my boundaries

How do I become my assertive and not get scared of upsetting people when they overstep my boundaries?