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How do I help my teen girls who have been through the same stuff?

Heidi, your podcasts and this page have been soo helpful but my teen girls really need the same info and support because they've been through all of the same stuff as I. Any thoughts on having an affiliated page for kids?

When will they leave me alone?

Once we have confirmation they have moved on & have “new supply”, what is the general time frame for them to move on & leave us alone?

I still break down in tears and panic randomly

So I am finally away from my toxic marriage of 14 years. I went back twice and then this third time I have left with my children who have also been affected severely. I’ve been told for so long that I am worthless and nothing and lucky he was married to me. I know all of it is false but how mentally do I take steps forward when I just break down in tears and panic randomly. The dark closet is my safe place and where my children can’t see me. I don’t know how I will ever be ok and not think it’s my fault and live in a constant state of worthlessness.

How can I learn how to make decisions now??

How can I learn to make decisions this late in my life? I know it’s related to never given any choice.

I'm scared of upsetting people when they overstep my boundaries

How do I become my assertive and not get scared of upsetting people when they overstep my boundaries?