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Co parenting

He hasn’t contacted our 9yr old daughter is almost a week , what do I tell her ? Why do they cut contact with their own child just to hurt you ?

Question for Dr. Heidi: When did you know there was something wrong with your relationship?

Dr. Heidi, when did you know there was something wrong with your relationship?

Why won't they just let me go?

We're finally getting divorced, why can't they just let me go???

How do I deal with mutual friends after I leave a toxic relationship?

Can I stay friends with our mutual friends or do I have to end those relationships too?

Child protection vs my freedom

My teen has general anxiety disorder. I know when her dad/my husband spirals into toxicity it makes it worse. I have always jumped in to protect them because I have learned to handle it better (and took the brunt of the emotional/verbal abuse). I have held off on divorcing him because In our state it would be 50:50 unless they have a lawyer to petition judge. They would feel worse refusing to go to dads house …not wanting to hurt his feelings. Is it emotionally better for them for me to tough it out for 3 more years until college so I can protect them most of the time… or show them strength of leaving…but when at dads house…they will not have anyone to protect them.